#Jen Network

The #Jen: Network, is an Uber-like Network for Volunteer FoodRunners

FoodRunners are volunteers with an IOS or Android App

FoodRunners pick up surplus food from restaurants, cafeterias, parties, etc

They deliver it to a participating Organization such as a Church, a Food Pantry, etc.

The Network is designed to assist those that are Hungry.

Pickup Organization

A Pickup Organization is typically a participating local restaurant, a tech cafetaria, etc. They typically have food that is excess and have to discard as waste. As a participant of the #Jen Network you can schedule a pick up and the closest Food Runner will stop by and pick it up. They will drop this food off to a DropOff Organization, who can then make this food available to those in need.

Food Runner

Food Runner is the person that volunteers to pickup the food from a Pickup Organization and deliver it to a DropOff Organization or the Offline Community. Based on their location, the closet Food Runner is requested to accept the pick up request.

#Jen Network #Jen Network
#Jen Network #Jen Network

DropOff Organization

A DropOff Organization is typically a participating entity that will receive food from a Pickup Organization. An example of a DropOff Organization is a Church, a Food Pantry, and Orphanage, etc. They would then provide the received food to those in need.

Offline Community - Coming Soon

Offline Community are the ones who do not have access to technology or even means to get to a DropOff Organization. In that case a Food Runner that volunteers, can pick up the food and directly make it available to the people in this Community.